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Take control of your supply chain career

We recently surveyed our candidate pool to find out the reasons for applying for open positions, and were surprised about their responses.

It transpires that the motivation for searching for a new role is varied.

45% of candidates stated that they had been putting off finding a new role during the uncertainty of the pandemic, preferring job security in a role they knew over the risk of making change. With the pandemic restrictions currently behind us, and with a buoyant employment marketplace, they are now realising their desire for a change.

The traditional reasons were also there. Remuneration remained a key factor at 51%, (no doubt heightened by the rise in inflation), with poor culture at current employer accounting for 31%.

43% believed that their current employer did not offer enough training and potential for promotion, and 36% wanted a better work-life balance, which included the possibility of hybrid working.

Interestingly, 24% said that they would consider moving to interim-based roles over permanent positions.

On the back of this, we have decided to launch a new candidate service at Slater Austin.

Through its consultancy, placement and training divisions, Slater Austin is connected with over 500 organisations, all of whom have supply chain talent requirements.

Candidates looking for a career change in any supply chain role (logistics, procurement, manufacturing) are encouraged to add some brief details on our dedicated webpage and schedule a short call with one of our recruitment experts.

This will highlight the reasons for seeking a move, and the culture and job role sought from their next employer. This may be for consideration for permanent or interim positions, or both.

Unlike other recruiters, we guarantee that every candidate will have a call.

The aim will be to match the candidate with the right company in the right role, based on the candidate’s need for a career move, and the employer’s need for a particular candidate skill.

Ready for your next move in supply chain? Make a simple first step today!


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