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Supply Chains are constantly evolving and so are the needs of companies and their supply chain resources. We are experienced teachers of supply chain training on a variety of expert topics and train hundreds of learners annually in supply chain courses and qualifications accredited by the UK’s revered institutions of CIPS and CILT. We are proud to offer supply chain and logistics apprenticeship training.

Our Clients' Needs

Our clients have a variety of training needs. Some require specific training to support business activity, some entrust us to deliver accredited qualifications to their teams year after year. All have a requirement for us to put the training we deliver within the context to their business.

With such a broad training requirement, it is natural that the training offer is comprehensive. Below is our suite of supply chain training.

Our Clients' Needs

Supply Chain Qualifications

Aspire Procurement Training, a Slater Austin company, provides these courses: 

  • CIPS Level 2 – Certificate in Procurement and Supply

  • CIPS Level 3 - Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply

  • CIPS Level 4 - Diploma in Procurement and Supply 

  • CIPS Level 5 - Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply

  • CIPS Level 6 - Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply

Supply Chain Courses

Our short Supply Chain courses are tailored to our clients on a 2-hr to 2-day duration:

  • Supply Chain Strategy

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics Boot Camp

  • Procurement Boot Camp

  • Project Management

  • Commercial Negotiation

  • Contract Terms

  • Supply Chain Analytics

  • Role of Automation, Technology and Digitalisation


Aspire Procurement Training, a Slater Austin company, delivers the following Apprenticeships:

  • Level 3 Procurement and Supply Assistant

  • Level 4 Commercial Procurement and Supply

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How we operate

How we operate

All of our training is delivered by qualified tutors with decades of supply chain industry experience. They are experts in their field and bring the subject matter to life in engaging ways.

We offer a selection of learning methods – classroom, online, one-to-one, distance and on customer premises. We tailor our short supply chain courses to your industry or a bespoke need within your organisation. We deliver our procurement training through the Aspire brand, accredited as a CIPS Centre of Excellence.

Free Training Consultation

As per the ethos in the Slater Austin group, we do not charge to get to know our customers. The journey you experience with us starts with us understanding your business, your supply chain training requirements and your preferred method of training delivery.

Typically, you will have a need to work to an annual training budget, or apprenticeship levy total. Maximising value from these can be a daunting task.

We have a series of free training evaluation workshops, which help you help us tailor supply chain training budgets to packages that meet your desired outcomes.

Get a free training consultation 

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